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Will Studd

Will Studd has been working with specialist cheese for more than four decades and has travelled extensively in his vocation.

After establishing delicatessens in central London in the 1970s, he migrated to Melbourne, Australia, where he has done much to promote a greater understanding of what good cheese is all about, as well as championing the cause for cheese made from raw milk.

Since 2002, Will has been the executive producer and presenter of Cheese Slices – a unique television series focused on artisanal and traditional handmade cheeses around the globe. Cheese Slices (or , in the US, Cheese Chasers – World Adventures)  has visited hundreds of dairies and cheese makers in more than two-dozen countries around the globe. This award-winning show is now in its eighth season.

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“Will is a tireless enthusiast for good cheese. Almost single-handedly, he has persuaded officialdom in Australia to lift the total ban on un-pasteurised cheeses so that he can sell his beloved Roquefort there. His TV series is endlessly engaging. At last, someone has made a good show about the world’s best.”

– Rick Stein OBE, Chef and Restaurateur



Will’s first book, Chalk and Cheese, was published in 1999 and his follow-up title, Cheese Slices, was published in 2007. Both have since become highly sought-after by cheese afficionados. He is a regular contributor to numerous food titles, including Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine and Australian Gourmet Wine, and he appears at specialty cheese and food events around the world. His knowledge of specialist cheeses, and the people who make them, is unsurpassed.

Will has won numerous international awards for his work in cheese, including the French government-bestowed title of Officier of the Ordre National du Mérite Agricole for his work in the defence of traditional raw milk cheese. He is also recognised by France’s famous Guilde des Fromagers as an ‘Ambassadeur’ and Mâitre Fromager.

Will has a line of ‘Will Studd Selected’ cheeses available for the Australian and US markets. This special collection of international cheeses and butter have been carefully selected for their provenance, texture, aroma and flavour.

When he is not filming Cheese Slices, Will divides his time between Melbourne and Byron Bay, but loves nothing more than travelling the globe in search of good cheese or rock ‘n’ roll concerts with his wife Bonnie, and catching up with his three children, Fleur, Ellie and Sam.

And Will’s favourite cheese? He doesn’t have one! His favourite regularly changes with the season and whatever country he happens to be visiting at the time.

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