We are proud to be adding an organic hand ladled stilton to our range! Just in time for Christmas.

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  • Goat cheese, prawns and fennel recipe

    Delicious Goat cheese, prawns and fennel recipe with Will Studd in Canada

    An almost one pan dish delight. Good for a cold winters night and to be served with crusty bread…

  • aphrodite halloumi

    A closer look at Aphrodite Halloumi

    A short film of the story behind this yummy grilling cheese…

  • Will Studd Cheese Slices Season 5 Episode 3 S5E3

    Denmark - The Nordic Cheese Revolution

    Will travels to the pretty island of Bornholm to see how Dana blu is made, before heading to Copenhagen to find out more about how the Nordic food revolution is now encouraging large producers to look at more interesting cheese varieties …

  • S4E8

    USA - Artisan Cheeses of the States

    Will learns first hand about the challenges of making farmstead washed-rind cheese in Virginia before meeting up with his old friend Ari at Zingerman’s Creamery in Ann Arbor, Michigan…

  • IMG_6977

    Canada - Artisan Cheeses of Quebec

    The Canadian province of Quebec is undergoing a cheesemaking revival. Will visits Quebec to find out whether the original French settlers have had any influence on this renaissance …