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  • IMG_9021

    France & Spain - Basque and Ossau Iraty Cheese

    The Basque people boast the oldest language in Europe – and one of its most ancient cheeses. Will visits the pretty village of Espelette, famous for its red peppers, before travelling into the mountains to one of the few remaining traditional shepherd huts where the ewes are still milked by hand…

  • season 7 new zealand low res

    New Zealand

    Will visits old friends in Christchurch to learn about the growing number of small artisan cheese makers who make cheese from raw milk…

  • IMG_5959R

    Brazil - Clandestine Cheeses of Brazil

    The Minas Gerais region of Brazil produces almost as much raw milk cheese as France but, as Will learns, most of it is illegal and must be transported to market in secret…

  • Tasmania Season 5

    Australia - Tasmanian Artisan Cheeses

    Will invites his friend Tetsuya Wakuda to accompany him on a tour of Tasmania and to demonstrate a few of his unusual recipe ideas with the local dairy produce…

  • aphrodite halloumi

    A closer look at Aphrodite Halloumi

    A short film of the the story behind this yummy grilling cheese…