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  • IMG_0101

    France - The Lyonnais cheese revolution

    The beautiful city of Lyon is widely recognised as the gastronomic centre of France…

  • IMG_0815

    Germany - Artisan Cheeses of Germany

    After travelling to the Alps to look at a seasonal mountain cheese called Bergkase, Will visits a small biodynamic farm to discover how Germany’s most popular fresh cheese, quark, is made…

  • PS-goat_haloumi_IMG_2638

    Ireland - The Irish Cheese Renaissance

    The Irish have made cheese since Celtic times, but surprisingly, it’s only in the past decade that artisan cheesemakers have revived this ancient art, producing some exciting cheeses…

  • Will Studd Season 6 Episode 2 S6E2

    Israel - Israeli Artisan cheese

    Will visits the old city of Jerusalem before driving to the Judah hills where he is introduced to Shey Saltzer the godfather of the new artisan cheese movement…

  • Sicily_4666

    Italy - Traditional Cheeses of Sicily

    Will looks at the many flavours of Sicilian Pecorino, and visits one of the last farmhouse dairies making a saffron-flavoured cheese from ewe’s milk, before finding himself in a Dickensian cheese-maturing room that is several centuries behind the times…