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‘In his own words’

It has been suggested that age does not matter unless you are a cheese. Time, however, can certainly focus and intensify our obsessions. And my particular obsession, which has also matured with age, is cheese…

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Roquefort Christmas Potatoes

With the Le Conquerant Butter crisping up the smashed potatoes and the the molten Roquefort added to the top for the perfect saltiness, this is one memorable ‘side’ for your Christmas feast.…

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Le Marquis Chevre du Pelussin and potato focaccia

ocaccia Barese hailing from Puglia in Italy’s south has the most wonderful texture thanks to mashed potato in the dough. Usually topped with dried herbs, olives and cherry tomatoes, here the delicious mild, almost lemony tang of the Le Marquis Chevre du Pelussin, compliments the richness of the potatoes for a new take on a classic.…

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