Happy New Year! Here is our favourite summer cheese!

Cheese Slices

11 episodes

  • Norwegian Pultost Recipe

    Will tries out Norway’s famous Pultost cheese recipe…

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  • A closer look at Le Marquis Chevre de Rambouillet

    A short film of the story behind this delicious goats cheese…

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  • Baked Le Duc

    A simple recipe on how to bake our delicious Le Duc…

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  • Spring Brook Farm

    A story about Spring Brook Farm in Vermont and the children of Farm to City project…

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  • A closer look at Le Conquerant Camembert

    Discover a little more about our beautiful camembert and what makes it so special…

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  • A closer look at Aphrodite Halloumi

    A short film of the story behind this yummy grilling cheese…

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  • Halloumi Salad Recipe

    I present how to make a delicious halloumi salad recipe …

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  • A closer look at Aphrodite Barrel Aged Feta

    Join Will as he sheds light on this unique cheese, made traditionally by just a handful of small dairies in Greece…

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  • Delicious Goat cheese, prawns and fennel recipe with Will Studd in Canada

    An almost one pan dish delight. Good for a cold winters night and to be served with crusty bread…

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  • Special Full Episode: Cheesemonger Invitational (Free)

    What happens when you take the best cheesemongers from around the USA, put them in one room, and have them compete against each other for the glory of being named ‘Cheesemonger Champion’?…

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  • Special Cheese Slices Episode: Sake with Will Studd (Free)

    Episode 1

    In this special one-off documentary, Will Studd travels to Japan with chef Tetsuya Wakuda to uncover the secrets behind Japan’s most well-known alcoholic beverage, Sake…

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