Coming soon Le Duc Vacherin Grand - Wrapped in spruce bark
The Studd Siblings, Sam & Ellie Studd.


Ellie Studd and Sam Studd are the youngest of Will’s three children. Both have traveled the world to study and work with celebrated cheesemakers and mongers

The siblings are members of the esteemed International Guilde Des Fromagers and both Certified Cheese Professionals (CCP’s). They work alongside Will, curating and promoting the ‘Selected by Will Studd’ range, which is available in the US and Australian markets. They are also regular contributors to Delicious Australia Magazine.  

We grew up watching Will get excited about cheese, and we’ve always had an understanding that life’s most special, celebratory moments are enhanced by the aroma, texture and flavour of beautiful, well-made cheeses. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge, advice and endless discoveries!

Ellie Studd and Sam Studd

Ellie's Pick

Le Duc Vacherin