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  • Jamtland cheese - Sweden

    Will travels to the beautiful Jamtland region in central Sweden, where he looks at traditional cave-ripened goat’s milk cheese…

  • Will Studd Brie

    France - Brie and the French Affineur

    Will visits the Ile de France region to learn more about the benchmarks of the style, Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun, before visiting Brie’s close cousin, Chaource, in the Champagne region…

  • Rouge River David Gremmels Episode Slide 2

    Cheese Legends - Ig Vella

    Interview with Ig Vella from Vella Cheese Company – Monterey Jack…

  • Beauftort-cheese-making

    France - Cheeses of Savoie France and the Alps

    Will learns how the local spruce forests play an essential role in ripening the unctuous Mont d’Or…

  • Jason Hinds Neals yard dairy

    England - The Champion of English Cheese

    Will visits influential cheese retailer Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, where cheese champion Randolph Hodgson explains how English traditional farmhouse country cheese was saved from extinction…