Le Conquerant butter made in the summer flush- the best of the year is here!

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  • Beauftort-cheese-making

    France - Cheeses of Savoie France and the Alps

    Will learns how the local spruce forests play an essential role in ripening the unctuous Mont d’Or…

  • Cheese Shot 8

    Italy - Gorgonzola and Cave-ripened Taleggio

    Travelling to Lombardy, Will explores two of the country’s best-known soft cheeses…

  • Sicilian cheese

    Italy - Traditional Cheeses of Sicily

    Will looks at the many flavours of Sicilian Pecorino, and visits one of the last farmhouse dairies making a saffron-flavoured cheese from ewe’s milk, before finding himself in a Dickensian cheese-maturing room that is several centuries behind the times…

  • wicker baskets halloumi

    Cyprus - Authentic Haloumi Cheese

    Will travels to the island of Cyprus to see how traditional Haloumi is still made from a mixture of goats’ and ewes’ milk…

  • Roquefort Cheese Caves

    France - The Legend of Roquefort

    The inestimable Roquefort, with a history dating back to Roman times, is the most popular blue cheese in France. Up till today, blue cheeses throughout the world still rely on moulds originating in the region’s limestone caves…